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What cleaning products do I need to provide for my Cleaner?

All customers need to provide a mop & bucket, toilet brush and vacuum cleaner (plus an iron & board if ironing is required).

 You can pay for your Cleaner to provide all other cleaning products when booking. If you prefer to supply your own products, please ensure you have the following:

  • A household disinfectant spray (look for something that ‘kills 99.9%’ of bacteria/viruses)
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Bin bags
  • Duster
  • Floor cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Kitchen cleaner
  • Laundry detergent
  • Limescale remover
  • Microfiber cloths (washed in between visits)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Sponges
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Vacuum bags (if required)
  • Washing-up liquid
How can I contact my Cleaner?

For security purposes, and to protect your privacy, we never give out your contact details to your Cleaner, or vice versa. If you need to contact your Cleaner on the day of your clean, please get in touch with customer support who will contact your cleaner for you.

If your cleaner has an urgent on-the-job problem, they can contact you using a masked number, through their cleaner app. You’ll be able to return calls to this number whilst your clean is still active.

To pass non-urgent messages to your Cleaner, you can leave notes for your Cleaner on the Cleaning preferences via the customer portal.

Can Cleaners provide vacuums or mops?

As our cleaners often travel by public transport, they unfortunately are unable to carry their own heavy equipment.

What time will my Cleaner arrive?

We cannot guarantee arrival at a specific time as we have to allow for public transport or traffic delays. We do provide you with a time window that your housekeep will arrive by, that allows for travel between jobs.

Is my Cleaner okay with pets?

We ask all cleaners upon hiring if they are comfortable working alongside pets. Please let us know via the customer portal if you have a pet, so we can be sure to assign you a cleaner who is happy to work around animals.

Payment and Pricing

How does pricing work?

We like to keep our pricing extremely simple. You pay one flat rate for each clean, which includes your cleaners charge and our charge. You can either specify the number of hours you need, or we can estimate for you based on the information you provide us. You can also add extra time for things like laundry and ironing

How does payment work?

To make payment as simple as possible, we bill the card you provided during booking on the evening of your clean. We then pay your cleaner on your behalf, including any tips that you’ve added while rating your clean. We currently accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express payment cards, however we are unable to process any pre-paid cards.

All payments are processed via our secure payment system, where your card details are encrypted for security purposes. You’ll be able to update your payment details at any time via the Payment card page on the customer portal

Can I tip my Cleaner?

We know some customers like to say an extra thank you in the form of tipping – so we’ve built that functionality within the customer portal. Every time you rate your clean 5-stars, you’ll see an option to add a tip. If you choose to tip, you can select £5, £10, £15, or enter an amount of your choosing. Your Cleaner will receive the full amount and a notification of your tip.

Can I get a receipt for my clean?

You are able to find individual receipts via the online portal.

Cleanered Information

How does Cleanered work?

Cleanered is an award-winning online booking platform for experienced cleaners. We interview each cleaner in person and take detailed background checks. We have a dedicated online customer portal, where you can book cleanings, reschedule current visits, and add notes on your cleaning preferences. Our cleaners have their own cleaner App, from which they can access the latest information about your home.

Is my Cleaner well looked after?

Yes, we care about the happiness of our cleaners. We know that they work hard to provide a quality service, and in return we help them to build up their own local business.

How do you background-check Cleaners?

All cleaners are background checked thoroughly before they are signed on to the platform. This covers a right to work check, and a basic criminal record check. Each cleaner is also interviewed in person and must maintain consistently high ratings to remain on the Cleanered platform

Can I get a receipt for my clean?

You are able to find individual receipts via the online portal.

Customer Service Information.

What are your customer service hours?

Our customer service team is available Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm and on a Saturday, 10:00am to 2:00pm.  Simply get in touch via the Contact page or your online account.

How does insurance work?

In the unlikely event that your cleaner causes any damage/breakage in your home, you must inform us within 72 hours of their visit for us to be able to help. Please provide proof of damage, including photos & full details of the damage/breakage. We will then liaise with your cleaner and this will open a damage case on our side.

The full terms of our damage policy can be found here. Although we do have an insurance policy, this exists to cover extreme cases such as fire or serious injury, and does not cover damage. For full details please see our terms and conditions.

How do I submit a complaint?

After your clean you will receive a rating email, where you can give your Cleaner a star rating out of 5. If you rate 3* or less, we will ask you to leave some comments on what went wrong. You can also rate your service via the customer portal. If you would like a different Cleaner on your next visit, please inform our support team and we will ensure that happens for you.

 Please note that all complaints must be submitted within 72 hours of the clean being completed.

Can I reschedule or cancel my clean?

Of course. You can reschedule or cancel your clean up to 6pm the day before, without charge. If you reschedule or cancel after the cut off time, or if your cleaner arrives and cannot gain entry to your home, you will be charged the full price of the clean.

What is the latest booking time for urgent cleans?

We do offer services for last minute and urgent cleans. You can book a cleaner up to 6pm the day before you would like the service.

How does key pick up & tracking work?

If you’d like your cleaner to hold a spare key, you can organise for them to pick up your spare key during a cleaning visit. Please let us know you have done this via the customer portal.

 Once your cleaner picks up your keys, we send them a unique code to tag to your spare keys and ensure any other identification about you or your property is removed. We then log on our system that your cleaner holds the key. Please note that this is only available for regular customers.

What happens to my spare keys when my Cleaner goes on holiday?

When your cleaner picks up your spare keys, we provide them with a unique code to tag your keys with and ensure they have removed any other identification about you or your property. If your cleaner goes on a long holiday, we ask them to bring your spare keys to our office for safe-keeping.

Services Information

How much time do I need for my clean?

We recommend a minimum of 30 minutes per room as a guide, though you can amend the time based on preference and the size of your property. When creating your new booking, you’ll receive a instant quote suggesting the number of hours you’ll need for your clean.

Can I have more than one regular clean per week?

If you’re looking for a Cleaner to visit you more than once per week then this is certainly something that we can help with! To request more than one clean per week, simply select the ‘More than weekly’ option, and you’ll be prompted for a little more info about the arrangement you’re looking to set up.

Can my Cleaner clean whilst I'm out?

Each cleaner registered with Cleanered goes through a thorough background check, so you can trust them to clean your home while you are out. If you book a regular cleaning visit, you can take advantage of our key pick up and tracking services. This will give your cleaner a spare key to your home, which they can use if you are away. Alternatively you can leave your keys somewhere safe – just let us know which you would prefer when you book.

 If you book in for a single cleaning visit, you will need to be at home to let the cleaner in. However you can then leave them with instructions on how to lock up if you need to go out.

Will my Cleaner wash up dishes?

Your cleaner will tidy away any dishes, and wash them or load them into the dishwasher for you. They will also put any clean dishes away.

Please note that large amounts of washing up can eat into your cleaners time. If you would prefer them to focus on other tasks please add this as a cleaning instruction note on the customer portal.

What services can my Cleaner not provide?

In keeping with health and safety regulations your cleaner should not be expected to do the following;

  • Lift heavy items
  • Clean surfaces outside of normal reach
  • Clean exterior windows, garages and patios
  • Clean heavily soiled areas, including animal litter
  • Undertake gardening or landscaping work
  • Defrost freezers or unblock pipes
  • Remove mould, biohazard, animal litter or pet mess
  • Undertake pest control or extermination

If you have booked a normal one off clean your cleaner should not be expected to provide deep cleaning services. These include the following specialist services;

  • Deep stain removal
  • Steam, carpet or upholstery cleaning

At no point should your cleaner be expected to provide childcare. Our background checks do not include the enhanced checks that are required for positions involving children.

 Finally, your cleaner should not be expected to feed, clean out, walk or care for any pets.

What is included in a standard clean?

Please check out our services page for more details on each of our cleans. Remember, you can add any specific cleaning requirements via the customer portal.

How do I customise my clean?

We understand that every home is different. Our online customer portal give you the ability to save your specific cleaning requirements. These will then show on your cleaners App, so they will have the latest information about your home. You can add and delete notes as you wish, please make any changes the day before your clean is booked so your cleaner has a chance to read them.

What extra services will my Cleaner provide?

Your cleaner can provide the following extra services, charged at the standard hourly rate. Please add these via the online customer portal.

  • Ironing
  • Laundry
  • Indoor Window Cleaning
  • Oven Cleaning
  • Fridge Cleaning
Will I always have the same cleaner?

When you book in for a regular weekly or fortnightly clean, we will match you with a cleaner who can come to you on a recurring basis. You will keep the same cleaner for every visit, unless your cleaner changes the area they work in or leaves the platform. We can send a replacement cleaner to you if your cleaner is away on holiday, however we cannot guarantee cover for last minute absence.

Can my Cleaner clean the outside windows?

Generally cleaners cannot clean the outside of windows. However in certain cases (where they are easily accessible such as ground floor or on balconies) they may be able to help you.

Can my Cleaner do my ironing?

Our cleaners can generally iron 8-10 shirts per hour. If you need more than 3 hours of ironing, we recommend a specialist laundry service.

Can I book a regular monthly clean with the same cleaner?

You can schedule a regular visit with the same cleaner every fortnight, week, or more than weekly. If you would like to schedule a monthly visit, you can do this by booking a one-off visit every month. You can request the same cleaner for every visit, but we cannot guarantee their availability.

Can I give my Cleaner cleaning instructions?

You can pass on cleaning instructions to your cleaner via the online customer portal. These instructions will be sent directly to your cleaners app so they can keep up to date on what you require. These instructions can also be deleted as necessary.

Can my Cleaner clean my granite/marble/hardwood surfaces?

If you have any surfaces that require specific cleaning products or techniques such as marble, granite or hardwood, we recommend that you leave detailed instructions for cleaning these surfaces and provide any required products – these can be left via the online customer portal. Please note cleaners do not provide specialist cleaning products for these surfaces.


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